Monday, July 20, 2009

Pirates Ball Club of SUCK

Smizik's blog said this today:

Has Jack Wilson lost his mind?

If Jack Wilson is serious in his rejection of a Pirates contract offer that would pay him $8 million for two seasons, he’s either taken leave of his senses or was being somewhat dishonest when he maintained through all the trade rumors that he wanted to remain with the team.

Wilson will not get that kind of offer in free agency. He might not come close.

Ah, NO, Bob. He is just following my advice from this post: More Pirate Bullshit
I told him to get out of loserville cause anything has to be better than losing all the fucking time. (yes f-bomb is intentional) I am sure his agent knows where he can get his player signed.

And really, Bob- "dishonest" should be applied to Pirate Management when they claim to want to put a winning team on the field. Now there is a bunch of lying bastards. Why?
Because they really low balled Sanchez and sorta low balled Wilson:
It looks almost certain the Pirates will be without Sanchez next season and possibly without Wilson. Although there are no players in the Pirates farm system ready to replace them, on his Sunday radio show general manager Neal Huntington said he felt confident at least adequate replacement could be found and stated the money saved could be used to bolster other positions.

HA, that's the funniest shit I have heard all week! Bolster, my ASS!

Pirates pull offers to Wilson, Sanchez
Huntington cites lack of counter-offers; Wilson says none were sought.

Huntington pointed to the lack of counter-offers as pivotal.

"Typically, in a negotiation, you get a counter-offer. That's how conversations continue. We've not gotten that to this point. We felt pretty strongly that our structure was in place but that we were open to some adjustments off it. Not huge differences in years or dollars. But if there was something that added value to the player, we're open to that."

Odle and Cobbe declined comment, as did Sanchez. But Wilson responded, solely on the topic of counter-offers.

"Answer me this: How can we respond with counter-offers when we were told that those were take-it-or-leave-it offers?" Wilson said. "How do you counter that?"

The Pirates' terminology in issuing the offers, according to multiple sources, was "best-shot."

Again. I am not shocked. I think Wilson should find a team that wants to win, and go there. The Pirates have no desire to win or spend money. And despite what Neal said in his radio show- I totally believe the contract offers were a PR stunt.

Pirates Notebook: Snell denies he prefers minors

No, he prefers WINNING. I think that they are winning in the Minors right? Why go back to loserville and watch everyone one you know get fuckin traded away?

Losing seasons don't deter Pirates faithful
"And if the yinzers, and that is what they are, if the yinzers who aren't coming now start coming to games when the Pirates win, they are hypocrite bandwagoners," Nemanic said. "That's what happened with the Penguins. They couldn't get anyone to go to games five years ago, they started winning and, all of a sudden, everyone is a fan. Whatever.
"That is why we are here now. That is why the people who are here now are true fans."
That "true fans," as Nemanic calls them, are still coming out to the ballpark even through all the losing isn't lost on management.

I partially disagree with this. You might think your "true fans" but all you do its prove to management that they can trash your team line up over an over and they will still make a profit. And while the Pens games weren't sellouts when they struggled - people were still going.
"One of the best things we have going for us is the passion of these fans; it is something that drives us," Huntington said. "We are working to build a winner because these people deserve it. If you cheer for a team as passionately as these people have, and you lose for 16-going-on-17 years, I absolutely understand their frustration.

Oh, I want to spork him. Liar. Oh for the record:

Because what so many in the fan base see as the first item on the to-do list -- finishing at least at .500 -- Huntington doesn't acknowledge as a goal.
"Eighty-one wins is meaningless," he said. "It is a step in the process, but that is not where we are ultimately headed. We have larger objectives. We just ask that people remain patient with us."

There you have it, "Larger objectives" should be replaced with "money to make from the profit of these idiots who still come to games."

Asshole is the word I'm thinking of here.

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