Saturday, July 25, 2009

Songs that Piss me off

After spending the morning listening to the radio, (something I NEVER do) I have compiled a list of songs B94 plays that get on my last nerve.

  • Any song with the words "do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." I want to spork the singer immediately.
  • Any song where the female lead sings about being so good "in bed" that every guy wants to "do" her. I want to tell her to shut the hell up and quit being slut.
  • Any song that comprises of 3 single line verses repeated over and over, usually all about getting laid. Come on! Are you that devoid of creativity? Loser. I wouldn't "do" you if you were the last man on earth because I wouldn't want the rebirth of mankind to be saddled with your stupidity.
  • Almost every Katy Perry song that I hear. And BTW Katy, you Sucked on American Idol so bad that you would have never made the top 12. Srsly.
Oh DVE? Your in this too.

  • Any song that is more than 6 months old is not NEW anymore. So quit playing that god-awful Metallica song and calling it "New." It's not f&%$ing new any more and the end of that song pisses me off because it doesn't go with the REST of the damn song.

Finally, leave the Taylor Swift songs alone! They sound STUPID with a pop beat replacing the original music. You can tell its not the original recording track that she sang too and it drives me nuts.

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