Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things That Piss Me Off: I'm Bitchy Today Edition

Its a full moon and the crazy is out. I will admit I am a little crazy myself. (Hello? I made the bed at 230 am so I could sleep in it.) But I am also a whole lot of pissed off at stupid people and stupid shit. Here is a brief list of things that are pissing me off today:

  • People who send emails with out subjects. I **hate** that. It takes 10 seconds to put something in there for goodness sake. Especially at work. When I have to search emails and i have a bunch with no subject, I want to scream.
  • AOL and the idiot customer base that they enable to sign on the the web. I shouldn't have to explain that ".com" is an important part of the website address. If i have to explain that- you should not be allowed to access the web and AOL should be punished for letting you dial in, in the first place.
  • Iraq. You wanted us to start pulling out of the country. So, we finally start and what do you idiots do? You start blowing yourselves up again. WTF! STOP IT!! Its like grounding siblings for fighting and the minute they are ungrounded- they start brawling again. You can't have it both ways Iraq! We can't be there and not be there. Get your shit together and figure out how to stop being a whiny bitch and start policing your terrorists! Maybe its the 10,000 degree heat that makes you act retarded... I don't know.
  • My Headset. I hate it. I hate that the cord gets in my way. I hate that it pulls my hair, tangles it, frizzes it out. I can't stand having this thing attached to my damn head all the time. I want a wireless one.
  • Pirate Management. I saved the best for last. Having so far traded away what they could- they are trading away another player. Why? Because he is good enough to be on the All Star Team. What management is really doing is trying to field the best Minor League team they can for as little money as possible. You morons prove me right over and over again and i hate you for it. In fact, I think people should boycott a game as protest. Just 1 game where not a single person goes would be nice. Don't buy tickets. Don't go. If only.


  1. I'm with the Iraq comment, but especially the last one. I have thought of that each and every year since PNC Park was built (before the 3 Rivers mortgage was paid off). I wonder if that idea could get legs.

  2. Opulently I agree but I about the brief should prepare more info then it has.