Friday, July 3, 2009

A WTF Kind of Afternoon.

What the F*&% is wrong with people? These are recent headline that have made me sick and made me wish could assassinate these sick, twisted, freaks. Crimes against children upset me more than anything. especially since I have a 2 1/2 year old now.

Police: Volunteer Firefighter Pretended To Be Woman, Sexted 12-Year-Old
State police say at first, 32-year-old Mickey Ashbaugh, of Smithton, (PA) pretended to be an 18-year-old woman when he first made contact with the Armstrong County victim in early June.

When the girl's mother later found the messages, she gave the phone to investigators.

According to police reports, investigators continued texting Ashbaugh, who still believed he was talking to the victim.

Police said Ashbaugh then admitted to being a man, saying he was 22, and asked to meet the victim for sex.

Of course Mom took the phone to the cops. And thats how he got busted. But seriously? Your 32. she is 12!!! WTF? Can't you find a girl your own age? Come on! LOSER.

From the PG:
Johnstown man admits raping girl, 6
EBENSBURG, Pa. -- A man faces up to 40 years in prison for twice raping a 6-year-old girl in his home, holding a pillow over her face when she cried and then forcing her to bathe to get rid of evidence of the attacks.

But Cambria County prosecutors say they found DNA evidence that nonetheless linked 45-year-old John Snyder, of Johnstown, to the rapes in October. That's because bed sheets that Mr. Snyder threw over a river wall were found and recovered by police.

Prosecutors say Mr. Snyder led the girl from a friend's home to his residence where he attacked her.

Mr. Snyder pleaded guilty yesterday. He remains jailed until he's sentenced Sept. 30. Prosecutors hope to have him classified as a violent predator, which means he'd have to tell police where he lived for the rest of his life.

6 YEARS OLD. Damn it! OMG! I want to say every curse word I know, and make up a few, as I remove any possibility of this monster ever doing this again. 6!

From MSNBC: I'll summarize in quotes
Ruling disappoints MySpace victim’s mom

Tina Meier had hoped to see her neighbor and former friend, Lori Drew, go to prison for her role in the online hoax that caused Meier's 13-year-old daughter, Megan, to end her life. But even though a judge is throwing out Drew's conviction, Meier believes Drew didn't get away with anything.....
“I wouldn’t want to be in Lori Drew’s shoes and live her life. I think she’s already basically living a life conviction right now,” Meier said Friday on TODAY....
Meier’s daughter, who had suffered from attention deficit disorder and depression, committed suicide by hanging herself in her suburban St. Louis bedroom in 2006 after a boy she had met on the MySpace social networking site told her “the world would be a better place without you.”

The boy, “Josh Evans,” and his MySpace page had been created by Drew as a way to find out if Megan was spreading rumors about Drew’s daughter, Sarah, who had once been Megan’s friend. After befriending Megan, who became infatuated with the boy, “Josh” turned on her.

The last message Megan typed to “Josh” was: “You are the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over.”.....

Here comes the part that pisses me off. It was 2 adults: Ms Grills, Ms Drew and Ms Drew's 13 year old daughter who cooked this up over possible rumors. As the MOTHER, Ms. Drew should have been the ADULT PARENT and told her daughter to talk to Megan about the perceived problem. Honestly at 13, we are all hormonally unstable which is WHY we have parents who are supposed to help us. Instead they created a fake boy to build up an online relationship with Megan, tell her that he loved her and then break up with her by saying :

“the world would be a better place without you.”

ADULTS did that. People who should f*&%ing KNOW BETTER! OH- It gets better:
Drew issued a statement through her attorney that read: "In my view, it was proper that this case was dismissed, primarily because I simply did not do what the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles accused me of doing. All members of my family share the Meier's grief in dealing with the loss of Megan. I hope Judge Wu's decision today will be a turning point for all families involved in returning to a more-normal life."
Notice the LACK of remorse? None. She doesn't think that she did anything wrong at all. And to suggest everyone get back to Normal? This is not a broken leg, Megan is dead. Megan's Mom will NEVER be normal!! 2006 was a different time. I am sure she wishes she had know about My Space, but it was still new and most parents of 13 yr olds had/have no experience with this problem since the term cyberbullies was unheard of until this case.

Meier, who said she has not decided whether to pursue a civil suit against Drew, said the statement did not constitute an apology and was woefully inadequate.

“Her making the statement that she shares my grief – absolutely not. She can’t even come close to it,” Meier told Morales. “Lori Drew did play a role in it. Bottom line is: for all families to be able to return to normalcy, that’s impossible. The children and people in their families who are dealing with cyber-bullying issues – you cannot return to normalcy just because of this case.”

I say file a civil suit against both Grills and Drew. These 2 women are horrible people. I have no hope that Drew's daughter will have any morals or conscience when she grows up since her mother appears to not have either of these things.

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