Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Twitter, I'm Sorry.

That is right. I said I was sorry to twitter. I discovered a program on facebook called Selective Twitter. And I made some friends on twitter too. (That helps.) I am firmly in the "twitter is cool" camp now. Don't judge me.

When I wrote about twitter here: Odds N Ends I didn't really understand it. My problem was I was trying to use it the way it was presented. "What are you doing?" That, I learned is the stoopid way. Now, I am a twitter fan girl, but I am not a power user like some of the people I follow who use hash tags, post pics, and such. I use twitter like AIM/YAHOO IM.

I talk to my new friends. I post my blog links. I rant (when I can, and believe me that takes some thought and creativity when you only have 140 characters). I give advice. I cheer for my team.
I can't wait for football season now. LOL.

You got me twitter. :-)

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