Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NO fainting

I took a break from blogging here. An extended vacation... Since then Facebook has effed itself up so bad that I pretty much give up on it.
I've decided that Klout is the most ridiculous waste of time EVER.  And people who think the real world actually cares about their Klout scores need smacked.
Really hard.
Upside the of their heads.
Did I mention hard?
I'm giving myself 100,000,000 points in FakeKlout for rants.  There. I rule the #fakesquare and and Fakeklout world. Fake getglue can kiss my ass. I don't have cable or satellite. It annoys the shit out of me too. Let's make them all 1 effing tweet for my amusement.
Checking in on my sofa, while checking in at watching a tv show on getglue and giving klout points to myself for being a jag off?
Not that I'm angry about it or anything. I love my time line being littered with automated useless posts.
I love you my friends, really. I do.

1 comment:

  1. Klout is obviously such a waste of time that I decided to never have heard about it. So I came out ahead.