Friday, March 25, 2011

It's my blog. I'll bitch if I want to.

Before anyone goes all Pittsburgh on me.... This is my place to rant. So today, I'm ranting about weather.

This has felt like the longest winter EVER. I'm sick of the cold. Of heavy winter coats. Of sweaters. I don't give a shit if this is normal for Pittsburgh in March. As far as I am concerned... As soon as the first day of spring hit, all snow and frost became forbidden.

Maybe its the two winters of terrifying, epically long commutes, shoveling shit loads snow, bitter cold temperatures early and relentless in their staying power, the mother effing stink bugs that some how still appear or that liar groundhog.

What ever it is... I'm sick of winter.
Yeah, I could move. But I probably never will despite an urge to do so this winter more than any other. Why? Well, despite its flaws, I love Pittsburgh very much. It's not Pittsburgh's fault that it's located in weather bullshit central of Pa. I would point out all the weather and earth bullshit that doesn't happen here, except I don't want to jinx us. Also, my family and friends.... They would ALL have to move with me. That's not happening. They love Pittsburgh too. You're stuck with me.

So, I will bitch and moan about winter. But as I did last year, I will make you a promise.... I will not utter a word of complaint about 90 and holy hawt. Cause I can always go swimming. You didn't hear a peep last year either. Go look. Look at my archives, look at my 17,000+ tweets. (OMG, do I ever shut up???) There are no complaints. Not one.

Bring it on already. Also, someone needs to do something about that lying effing groundhog. Srsly.

My next post will be called "suck it, penndot." I'll write it tomorrow as I sit in epic bullshit traffic on northbound 279/79 as I desperately try to get to Cranberry in less than an hour and half.

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