Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eff PATransit

There are several reasons I am thankful I don't ride buses anymore.... Even when I complain about the shit on 79 north. It is ALWAYS better than a bus. Over the last few days... I have felt compelled to write about this.
A tweet from PGHtraffic on 3/28. When it was like 20*
Early word is most @ svc running smoothly but trips missed on some routes. Dress warm and be patient.
Angie's Translation:
Dear riders, We cut service and decided to EFF some more of you over by not effing SHOWING UP. Hope you didn't need to go to work.
Signed, Assholes who work at PAT

From this article in the PG Onorato: No deal better than bad deal with Port Authority workers
Mr. Onorato acknowledged that the proposals were "tough" but said he was disappointed neither was put to a union vote. "The drivers never got to see it. They have no idea what's in there," he said.
He said the authority currently is paying $31.5 million a year for health care for 3,300 retirees -- more than the 2,700 active employees who get it. By contrast, the much bigger SEPTA transit agency in Philadelphia spends $8 million, he said.
Angie Translation:
We pay more people more money to  people who are *not* employees than we have actually working. And by working we include the ones who are habitually late or skip trips and never can be fired cause the union nedz moneyz 4 duez.

Headline I saw in the PG today
 Port Authority union willing to restart talks
Angie Translation:
OMG they called our service cut bluff FINALLY!!!! AHHHH !!! The union nedz those moneyz from duez but we have to lay paying members off!!!

I can attest there are decent drivers, and they put up with tons of shit including nut cases and buses that are literally falling apart. As for PAT and the union?  I say... let them go bankrupt. Eff it. They did this to themselves by being damn greedy.  
$31.5 million a year for health care for 3,300 retirees????
So, yeah. Let them go bankrupt. Lose all their benefits. Crumble to bits. Creditors will fight over the parts. Debit will be written off.  Retirees will find themselves like the rest of the effing US economy. There would be hardly any service for a while and traffic will be hideous.

Hopefully, from it would rise a leaner less bullshit heavy transit system. The current one is such a damn mess. Its almost pointless to try and save it. We go thru this shit EVERY YEAR. The transit system should be growing with the cost of gas (AGAIN) being so high. Not shrinking and being less and less useful. Maybe it is time to shut the whole effing thing down and rebuild it from the trolley lines and bus ways...out. How about we have a rule that if your a terrible driver, terrible at your job, you get effing fired? You know, LIKE THE REST OF US.

I'm sure one of my 100 readers will disagree with me, but I think union are mostly bullshit these days. They had their place, but in today's world, I don't believe they do any real good. They create bullshit and take your money for their damn dues. Oh, they keep bad employees from getting fired and/or staying that way. Yeah... cause that is a good thing.

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