Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First... it has been a Grrrr kind of week. The last 7 days have spent their time tormenting me.
Some days have been giant fail:
8.5 inches of snow last Monday, and a nerve shredding 4 hr commute home from cranberry.
Arguments with a friend.
Sleep battles w the kid.
Plans to go out being canceled or falling thru last minute.
The insane calling in at work that makes my brain hurt.

Some days were really good:
Scoring my new area rug cheaply.
Hanging out, having a great time with @v_rock and having some beers.
The kid snuggled with me at night watching a movie.
Good meetings with my supervisor.

But the biggest thing to piss me off has been State farm. It was decided that it would be a better deal to have them for auto since the house had them for insurance there. That choice, which was not mine entirely... has done nothing but aggravate me to no end.

First off, their website is in the effing dark ages. You're lucky if you can figure out how much you owe. That is after you wait for them to ENABLE the ability to view it online. Can't pay, can't get quotes or make changes. Sad, sad, sad.

Last July some shit got messed up on the policy when we tried to add a vehicle. It was changed for one of their stupid reasons and then we were given a quote that was $30 a month off.
Yes. $30.
Somehow they sent a cancel notice to effing Penndot. After going rounds w them about the policy and then the cost... I was pretty pissed to get the "letter" from Penndot.
I called my idiot agents, who promised to fix it.
Now its time to register my car again. Guess what I can't do? Guess what I need? A fuckin letter from statefarm saying I have had insurance since August. Guess who did not fix this?
I can't find the Penndot letter now... all these months later. Guess who won't give me or Penndot a letter saying I have been PAYING them for my car car insurance with out the damn Penndot letter?
That's right... state effing farm.
So what if I have had car insurance all this time. So what if I'm paying them. They aren't gonna do SHIT for me to fix THEIR screw up with out PROOF that Penndot wants a letter.
Are you shitting me?

What kind of "good neighbor" bullshit is this? It this the "good neighbor" who borrows shit, like tools or money, and never gives it back? It this the "good neighbor" who parties till 3am in the middle of week on a regular basis?
EFF this... "Good neighbor" my ass.

Now tomorrow... I have to find a way to get a copy of the letter that says Penndot needs a letter. So that my sf agent can fax Penndot a letter that says I have their damn insurance.
Yeah, wrap your brain around THAT.


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