Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, we didn't win. It sucks.
At the same time...  I can tell you there were quite a few of my own friends who were sure that we would not even make the playoffs. So? I'll take it. Train wreck and all.
There will be tons of game break downs. I will skip that part.
Julia cheered like a little trooper all the way to the bitter end.
Twitter provided me with the most hilarious feed last night. Between the commercials, fail half time show, fail during the game, and the relative whom tried very hard to get smacked in the head with my beloved Droid.... Twitter saves.
I even had non-Twitter people laughing with some of the posts I quoted.
Thank you steelers.
Thank you Twitter.


  1. Rough night. I also give thanks for Twitter... helped my cope throughout the night, by giving me someplace for a quick venting. Also to know that I wasn't alone in my anguish!

    Got it out of my system w/ today's post though. We'll get'em next year, if there IS a next year.

  2. If... is damn right. Stupid cba... yes Twitter was a good comical relief when needed.