Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I loathe politics

They anger me.
I rarely ever talk about them because they piss me off so badly.
I actually refuse to declare a party because both side piss me off to no end.
This was a tweet I saw today.
I just had to post.  (so much for cutting back on the F word.)
And if you ignore every other link I ever post, at least read this one. It was summed up best in one sentence.

@gwenix  "In short: Fertilized eggs are people; women are not."
A quote:
They want to "protect life" so much that they have written into the bill a new amendment that would override the requirement that emergency room doctors save every patient, regardless of status or ability to pay.  The law would carve out an exception for pregnant women; doctors and hospitals will be allowed to let pregnant women die if interventions to save them will kill the fetus.
I think my brain just fucking exploded because I DON'T GET IT.

First of all. IT IS 2011. WHY THE FUCK do women still have to fight to be considered PEOPLE??  If you want to get fucking ignorant, then men shouldn't be allowed to wack off because they are committing genocide every time. This is bullshit. 
Another quote to sum up the legal bullshit:
But for good measure and just to make sure we all understood the deeply misogynistic underpinning of today's Republican party, the new language would allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care when necessary to save a woman’s life.
WHY would I have NO RIGHT to live? What the fuck kind of mothers did these lawmakers have that they want to kill us all anyway they can in the name of the unborn? Why Am I worth LESS?
I will say it right now, don't bother to argue with me. You will never win. Never.
I have just as much right to LIVE as a fucking man. Pregnant or not.

Here is a link to another asshole lawmaker who thinks rape is made up and us silly women should shut the fuck up and get in the kitchen.

rape victims arent victims according georgia

I bet if he actually KNEW a rape victim he would shut the hell up.
I loathe politics.


  1. Don't loathe politics... loathe the people that put forth or support these asinine ideas, and vote their asses out.

    It's ideas like the one you mention that set our country straight back to the dark ages.

  2. It frustrates me. I vote and it doesn't matter. Because there are more closed minded jerks in office anyway. More than ever apparently. Everyone is worried about their fucking gun rights and missing the rights of women to be allowed to live and breathe being trampled. Grrrr