Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello!!?? We only have 1 earth people!!

As the bullshit with BP continues... now the story includes clean crews... some who don't appear to give a shit about the meaning of the word CLEAN.

Its a damned travesty. I really hope the people at BP and Transocean see how much cost SAVINGS they have a achieved by cutting corners. In fact I think they should go LIVE in the most affected areas.

(from MSNBC You all know as Ol' standby)
Dirty disposal of oil cleanup material Review finds shoddy work by handlers of boom, other waste

A mound of oily sand sits in an uncovered waste container in a parking lot at the crown jewel of Alabama's park system, Gulf State Park. Water from the previous night's storm drips out of the bin into a brown pool on the asphalt.
A waste collection area dotted with numerous bins full of spill debris stands in what seems like an odd spot: Smack in the middle of the tourist section in Gulf Shores, Ala., directly across the street from a seafood restaurant hungry for customers because of a lack of tourists.
Yet Jerry Kidd, doing maintenance work at a condominium, couldn't believe it when he saw a Waste Management Inc. truck pull away from a collection site in Orange Beach piled with loose sand, oil-smeared protective gear and oily boom pulled out of the water. It was trailing pollution of its own. "They're going down the road leading to the landfill; they take the same route every day. They're leaking onto the roads, into the storm sewers," said Kidd. "There's no telling where it's going."
SRSLY people... the clean up crews need to step it up... BP and Transocean need to step it up.
And I saw a advertisement for a fund raiser... I am not donating shit. Want to know why? Cause it was a PREVENTABLE disaster.
BP should just write a fucking check. Period.
We pay for it every f&%$ing day. The lives lost the day of the accident. At the pump.  At the grocery store.  With the undeniable damage that is being to the ocean and the life that relies on it above and under water.
With that note. I'll end with a link from MSNBC again.

Aquarium exhibit loses sea life for spill, Idea is to show how disaster might impact corals, fish

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  1. Yeah, it's just like Katrina in that all the "help" is doing is securing that big check for services, then half-assing the job because they're already paid.