Friday, February 3, 2012

It's not the damned size.

I have noticed something over the last 6 months or so, and its gotten to a point where I need to bitch about it.
I'm going to talk about girl parts. Specifically? Breasts.
Oh. And boy parts too. (Since you started it.)
Look, I understand that as human beings, we are physically attracted to things. Some like to do the plastic surgery route, and I'm not saying a damn thing about it in this post, to be clear. To each his own. Some people like red heads. Some people like short women. Some people like tall men. Some people like iPhones.
That is NOT what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about the need to criticize and be *nasty* about physical traits we were BORN WITH.
Like eye color, height and DUN DUN ...breast size.
Some are big. Some are small. But let's clear some shit up right now. We didn't stand in the boob line and pick the damn size.
Saying... "...But she has small (or big) boobs..." In a nasty, judgemental way is just fucked up. Ok? I have had guys tell me I'm too endowed and that it is "a waste." Conversely, I have had some of my friends discover that their ENTIRE character as a PERSON, is being judge because genetics didn't give them something bigger than what they have.
WTF. THIS HURTS MY BRAIN. So, your a bad person if your rack isn't some predetermined, bullshit size?
I'm looking at men AND WOMEN HERE. Which ? WTF ladies??! You know that you get what you get, unless you buy bigger.
The next time I hear one you utter in that nasty tone, I'm going to demand to see what is in your damn pants. Then we will see how the judging goes.

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