Friday, May 4, 2012

The Things That Amuse Me

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with Twitter, you are generally supposed to read it from the bottom up. However, sometimes at work when its been a while since I checked it, I'm lazy. I jump to the top and scroll down. Scanning tweets. I frequently use "view conversation" to catch up if I happen to see something interesting as I'm scanning...

These were all  random conversations going on. Most of them are not between the people pictured. Just the words matter in these cases. I blocked out names since I'm not sure who is private and who isn't these days.

I giggle as I'm reading from the top down and see stuff like this:
(BTW, screenshots are the favorest feature ever on my phone.)

Things get lost a lot:
THE PANTS. They are missing.

Or there is a misunderstanding at the most basic level:

The old men? ALL CONFUSED.
When animals mix in:
EVERYBODY HURTS. Sometimes. Even Pandas.

When it comes to bras, this group of tweets are funny no matter what direction you read them in. LOL.
BRAS. In lots of places they should NEVER be.

This group? Well, you can read both images as one or separately...:
VINTAGE. In a way I never want to know.

Finally. The screenshot that inspired this post:
LOVE. and Muppets.


  1. Ha! My "ignore" tweet is so funny nestled in there around "vintage sperm!"

  2. I was highly amused by all of it LOL