Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bitch, Please. #RollsEyes

Well... I finally got to catch up on the Applebee story. I do have a few opinions on the matter. (Shocked? Didn't think so.)

I love how the "pastor" is "sorry" for what she wrote, now,  in this Smoking Gun Story. You know what? She is only "sorry" because she got called out. She was so full of herself and how special she thinks SHE is, that she wrote her name AND added the "Pastor" to her little nasty remark.

HEY LITTLE MISS THANG, NORMAL GRATUITY IS 15%. WHAT makes you SOOOOOO special that you don't have to tip at all? If you were unhappy with your service you should have talked to the manager on duty. THAT is why they are there.

Yes. I know the girl that took the picture of the receipt and posted it was fired because it showed the name of the pastor. Yes. I know this was NOT the person who waited on her.

I used to wait on tables. You make a crappy $2.13 an hour. PLUS TIPS. In a lot of places you now have to SHARE tips with the busboys (who make minimum wage if not more.) and bartenders (who get their own damn tips) too. To be clear, 18% gratuity is STANDARD for parties of 8 or more for as long as I can remember, She was in a party of 10. (per the news)

If your waiter or waitress bust their ass for you, you should tip them. It is appalling that people have become so rude and thoughtless. In researching, I found a pic of a $138 restaurant bill that says "single mom, sorry" in the tip line. EFF YOU BITCH. Liar. You have a $138 to eat and drink, then you can tip the poor person who was forced to take care of your greedy ass.

Then there was one where someone left a pre-typed note claiming that they couldn't afford to tip because of a new tax in California. Let us cut to the chase... Who ever that was? TOTAL COMPLETE ASS. The waitstaff has to pay taxes too, you know. They know. They don't care.
Everyone like this, thinks they are special, they are ABOVE the rules.
Everyone like this, thinks that exceptions are meant for them.
Everyone like this is, thinks they are "entitled."

Everyone like this, is full of shit.


  1. Supposedly she left a tip on the table in cash. The note on the receipt was still misrepresenting Christianity--which, as a pastor, she represents.

    If she had said "I left a cash tip, I shouldn't have written that, I was angry. My response was inappropriate, does not represent the Christian world view and I'm sorry," the story would have blown over. Getting a worker fired (who represents Applebee's, which as a waiter, she represents) took a screw-up and just made it a bazillion times worse.

    The really stupid thing is, leaving a large tip is fun. Imagine had the check said "God has been good to me, and in gratitude, I share those gifts with those around me. The mandatory tip is 18%, but I'm leaving 25%." I wish THAT had gone viral.

  2. Exactly rob. I understood why the coworker was fired. Applebees had to because of the violation... but the woman's attitude was still "I got her fired. I wanted everyone fired." THEN she was "embarrassed" about her behavior. It really makes me sad. I agree with you. I wish this was a blog post about someone who wrote something nice to her waitress and passed love and good feelings on too.