Thursday, March 11, 2010

Observations from the Home n Garden show

Recently, I attended the home n garden show in an effort to look and compare new windows. My two very large front windows are 50 years old and SUCK. I am replacing them with 4 smaller windows. Here are my observations:

There was only one vendor selling flower and veggie seeds. And a handful selling plants. But probably 50 vendors selling giant hot tubs for $7000. Srsly. Gian,t pimp hot tubs with 200 jets, 27 lighting effects, surround sound and mini fountains. *shakes head*

I wish there had been more *garden* in the home and garden show.

People who go to the home and garden show Sunday morning and pay $10 a beer to drink while walking around CLEARLY have a drinking problem. Why else are you getting drunk at 11am for $10 A BEER???

Window salesmen should NEVER start a pitch with: "The president personally endorsed these windows."
First, it is an out right LIE. The president did not endorse a particular company. Second, You don't know the person your selling to, or their political leanings. FAIL.
While on the subject of windows.... Everyone puts gas in between the double panes now, what matters is the FRAME. So, don't tell me your company is the only one to do it. I talked to 12 window companies and half claimed they were the only ones to use the stupid krypton gas or what the hell ever its is called. FAIL again.

My final bitch today is at 4square.
OMG!! This app is RUINING my twitter feed. Its nothing for me to have 60 out of 100 tweets at a time on my phone that are stupid 4square posts. So, a couple friends and I have decided to do Fakesquare. This way we can at least be amused by tweets instead of stalking people on their mundane, boring, stupid errands. I don't wish to be stalked and I don't wish to stalk anyone. so you will never find me on 4square.


  1. I'd venture to say that if you need to drink $10 beers at the Home & garden show, regardless of the time, perhaps you have a problem.

    And the Home/Garden show is a joke. Like you said, it's almost all annoying hard-sell window guys and hot tub vendors. My husband had to work it once for his company and was positively stabby by the end of the first day.

    And foursquare is to twitter what poking, virtual gifts, farmville & mafia wars are to facebook. Blech.

  2. I love your comment about the early morning drinkers.
    I used to work at the Radisson in Monroeville when it was the Radisson../I worked frontdesk/reservations and one year for the Outdoors Show the Food and Bev. Manager was short people and he asked me if I would run a beer booth for him. No prob, but holy Jesus did that many people need to drink that early lol!?!