Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weather and Traffic Rants

So, its raining today. (At least it was when I started this post on my lunch today) When I left for work it was pouring. And everyone on the road is like::


People... We just had 40 inches of snow. IN A MONTH. 20 inches at once. Who care about some rain??? srsly!!

And people who drive 20 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit and then RUN the red light or stop sign. SRSLY??? Drive the f&%$ing speed limit and you wont HAVE to run the light or stop sign

As much as I complain about traffic... it is WAY WAY better than the bus.
(aka Why Port Authority Sucks)

I can get to work in less than an hour. I used to work downtown. A whopping 15 minutes from Brookline but an incredible hour or so ride on the freaking bus. Now I work in Cranberry, 35 minutes away.

My car is always warm. I don't have to freeze my ass off (shivering with my coat on) all year long because the bus driver is from the north pole and feels the need to keep the bus at 7 degrees. EVERY DAY. If its cold in the car? My fault. I'll turn the heat on.

I never leave myself stranded at the bus stop hoping the driver is late and not that they didn't show up for work. Leaving me to regret not walking to the bus way first.

There is always a place to sit. And its not a broken seat either.

Also, I don't miss these things either:

Nobody asks me if I want to take the bus home with them and "drink booze."

There is no loud mouthed bitch yelling at her kids (while on the bus) on her cell phone for calling her 27 times in the HOUR ride home from town to ask when she is coming home.

There are no culinary students with 42 pieces of luggage taking up 3 seats and blocking the aisle.

Nobody asks me for money so that they can get back to Atlanta (while speaking pittsburghese fluently).

I do miss the smithfield street church. If one of my readers walks by there regularly, I would love a pic of their message boards so I could revive Love this Church...

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