Friday, May 14, 2010

iPhone Killer revisited.

Last year I wrote this:

It almost a year later so for fun... lets review the new line up of  phones.... So, I googled "iPhone killers" to see who has had the name recently. First up:

Palm Pre/Pixie
This phone has FAILED epically after being stuck on shitty ass sprint for too long. When you need a 30 to 40 minute training to learn how to use it then its too f&^%ing complicated.

Google's Nexus One phone 
Launched on t mobile. Cant buy it in stores. Killed itself in favor of new htc phones further down.

Motorola Droid
Well, it saved the company from ending up like Palm. It is still very popular and A LOT of bb users gave up blackberry for droid.

Microsoft/Sharp "pink" phones. AKA Kin 1 and Kin Two.
Uh... yeah. The jury is out as the phones are just hitting the market...

Samsung galaxy s AND HTC EVO 4G
Both not released, but hyped very much. The Galaxy S is a gsm phone(t-mobile or at&t) and the EVO is currently on preorder trying to save Sprint's ass.

And finally:
HTC Droid Incredible (quoted from )
Unlike any other iPhone Killers in the past, this one truly has everything AND more than currently available iPhone 3GS. Not only are all the hardware spec superior (bigger and better screen, faster processor, better camera, etc.), the multi-tasking and multi-touch supported Android 2.1 OS is superior to Apple OS 3. The only lacking may be the availability of the Android apps (~50,000 versus Apple’s 200,000) but they are fast gaining as more and more Android based phones are out there.
The verdict? You still can't Kill the iPhone. But you can make something better than the iPhone and watch that shit go on a 20 day back-order because the reviews were so good that no advertising was needed.  HTC is gonna make a lot of money this year by getting awesome devices out before the next (slightly better than last year) stupid ass iPhone. You can't kill the masses of people who buy shit just cause its Apple. Look at the ipad. Its a giant iTouch. that's it. A net book with out a keyboard. Or any way to connect anything to it. STUPID.

Only Apple knows what the new iPhone will be. I am sure we could put a cat turd in a box call it iTurd  and Apple would sell a million of them  f&^%ers cause its Apple (OOOOO!! not)

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