Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a damn day.... It's a long rant.

I need to bitch. You know that's what you come to see... Me. Bitching.

It started with me needing to pick up a book at the library. Today was the last hold day. And the Blvd is always busy that time of day. On my way up I realized I didn't eat and I didn't have my sunglasses... Bad. Bad.
So, I zoom up to cvs first and grab a pair of sunglasses. (If I find them, mine other ones are bent anyway. I never spend more then $20 cause I am HARD on sunglasses) and a pasta bowl thing.

I get stuck in line.

I zoom the block to the library, practically run inside, run back out and jump in the car.

I get stuck in slow moving traffic.

I get past it and get down to 51. And head toward the (Swiss) Liberty Tunnels (of cheese walls) As I am the left lane, I intend to stay in the middle (matching) lane exit off 51 just exactly like the guy in front of me.

I get flipped off and almost wreaked into by Asshole in the right lane who assumed I was going to the far left to turn up west liberty. Slam on the breaks and slide to the right behind the guy as we switch lanes. So I can avoid him wreaking my freaking car.

Only to embark on the more common, but wholly irritating and SLOW, dungeon drive. The inbound tunnel lights are filthy and most of the reflective paint gone because they are redoing the inside wall. The dark freaks morons out and they do 30. If that, In the damn tunnel.  This continues across the bridge as the same Asshole now cuts off a driver, 2 cars in front of me to get BACK INTO RIGHT LANE.

*headsteeringwheel* The lack of food and considerably shortened my temper at this point.

This shit continues up crosstown blvd. And when I finally get around some of the morons, I head for the 279  ramp only to discover the newest annoying trend. Slowing down to 40 to get ON THE HIGHWAY. 

Around Westview, I catch up wit a dumb short little blond girl going  50. Then 70. Then 65. then 50. Then 70. I was stuck with her until  almost Bellevue, when she finally moved over. I had to go 70 so I could make to work in an enough time to eat. About 2 miles from 79 she BLOWS by me in the left lane doing about 80.

THE SECOND SHE SAW THE (nearly vacant)79 MERGE POINT, SHE SLOWED TO 50!!!! And you must know, so did the car in front of me. I thought my head might explode. I got behind the bimbo, checked 79, the moment I could do so safely, I shot across on to 79 to get away from her. Coincidentally, she suddenly speed up.

The pattern repeated itself the whole way to work. Traffic cutting me off or suddenly slowing down in front of me. People driving SUVs, but freaking out at the little inch bump to enter the parking lot? I wanna smack them. Its an OFF ROAD VEHICLE for goodness sake!!

I flipped out in the car. I ate at work. I felt better. Then it was time to go home.

I must remember to always EAT before I leave for work.

The night drive wasn't as eventful, but still annoying.
  • 279 was down to a single lane of SLOW (of course!!!) moving cars. Everyone had to gawk at the sign PennDot is taking apart for some reason.
  • I saw a girl pop her trunk on the liberty bridge and have to pull over to close it. (amusing)
  • One lane was closed on part of the bridge and in the entire outbound tunnel so that they could scrub the lights at the bridge *entrance* side. (which need it, but not as bad as the inbound does).
  • I observed the drunk in front of me play chicken with the tiny cones for the length of the tunnel. Its a miracle he didn't smash into the tunnel or knock a cone over. He came DAMN close to doing both. Of course the cones would have hurt his car less.
At this point I am happy that I made it to and from work alive with my head intact. I survived. Barely.
I am also a little drunk now too. I am off the next 2 days. thank gawd.

I feel better now.

(still hate 4 square.)

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