Saturday, September 28, 2013

Drunken road work

I have come to the conclusion that the people who plan and execute our road work around here are either drunk or effing with the rest of us.

Take this article:

Lack of traffic police makes West Carson Street mess much worse

Over an hour to go from the fort pitt bridge to the west end. Ridiculous.

Now, I may be taking a very simplistic view of this but.... They KNEW this was going to an extended road closure, because THEY PLANNED it. Why would they rely solely on off duty cops? And now there is 'he said, she said' going on between the contractor and police resulting in no cops for a week.

Here is a novel idea, adjust the timers on the 5 traffic lights involved, to be LONGER INTERVALS during rush hour. I know its probably not that easy, but it has to cost less than $500,000 we are paying for nobody to be there at all. WTF. It is a 2 year closure, this is a significant amount of time.

The there is 65. And its drunk repaving. I drove through there today. OMFG. 
First, they have several miles closed where there is no work being done AT ALL because they are WAY over on the other side of 65. Like 7 miles away.

The lanes are so narrow that a large greyhound bus had to crawl through at 20 miles an hour or knock over all the construction flags. Which, by the way, were as straight as a drunk guy on an all night bender trying to convince a cop he was sober. 

instead of finishing one section at a time, the are milling different spots and doing first layer paving on others... There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the pattern at all.

My other favorite construction area is in cranberry where they are going to make the bridge on 228 (that crosses over 79) wider, along with the road and new ramps. PennDot is NOT EVEN CLOSE to finishing these ramps, and they already painted new lane markings for the ramps. Ramps that do not exist. The traffic patterns are going to have to change a couple more times for paving and stuff... WHY PAINT NOW?


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