Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I challenge you to stop it.

I am a little cranky today. It happens.
I will probably offend people here today.
Sorry in advance.
I need to blow off some steam.

I am sick of the "challenges." Just when everyone stopped trying to shame everyone else in to dumping cold water on their head,  in the middle of summer, for a charity that they may or may not have donated to, who uses their money mainly for research.... A new "challenge" has popped up all over my facebook feed this morning.

MATH. Subtraction something or other.

It is a challenge to LIVE YOUR DAMN LIFE.

I get annoyed by the need for some people to tell everyone that they are better than others because they are doing this challenge, or that challenge. There is a challenge for 17 different exercises, dieting, for cleaning out email,  for donating to charities, for dumping toilet water on your head, for volunteering and I'm sure there are more.

How about you just do it and not try to harass everyone else to do it.

I love social media. I tweet about the most mundane stuff and people tweet back sometimes. But I am not challenging people "to do the same things I am or you suck" stuff either. Just do it. When someone specifically asks why you are so happy (or soaked with toilet water?) you can say, "Oh, I took the 'life is more than 100 million social challenges' challenge and just spent time not on the electronic stuff for a bit each day.

So, I challenge the general public and media, to stop with all the ridiculous "I am better than you because I did this challenge and so I'm going to post it everywhere 50 times to prove it!" crap.



  1. Oh. I only shared the cleaning one bc I thought others might be interested in doing it with me. I only posted once, and about 5 others joined and thanked me. However, I can post whatever I want on my facebook, so :-p

  2. lol !! this was more about some ppl on fb who inboxed me to tell me that I was basically a bad person for not doing challenges. also, I am admittedly cranky today hahaha