Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I know EVERYONE really cares about my list

It is still not a bucket list, Mike.
I know these posts are terribly interesting and exactly what you were hoping to see today. I'll even show you pictures. So, you might care a little.

In a fun twist for the month of October, I've gotten to check off stuff that wasn't even ON the list.

I saw Falling Water:

Ignore the tourist.

This was a beautiful place to visit. Everyone should spend a whole day to go and visit the Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  

I used blackmail to get this pic

I wonder what he would have created with today's technology. The man was a visionary.

I got to see Kentuck Knob:

Here is the 50 mile view from the top of the knob where the house sits. My battery was toast for the most part by the time we got up there after, Falling Water.

3 states can be seen here

More blackmail

There was an art meadow at Kentuck Knob, which featured an art piece of something like 500 red metal dancers in a grid. It was slightly creepy and neat looking at the same time. (not pictured, obviously)

The Heinz History Center!

Kid loves the roller coasters.

This is also a place you should spend an entire afternoon visiting. It is a pretty amazing place.

I used to ride one of these with my mom

Shit I wanna do list: Running out of Stuff Edition:

  • Go to Kennywood for phantom fright nights
  • The PGH Glass Center
  • Go to the Frick Art & Historical Center
  • Take Julia to the ocean
  • Just Ducky Tour (I just want to take mike on it once)

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