Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cause its been a while... WTF?

And the headline in the PG:

Woman wipes dirty diaper on car during traffic dispute

CONNELLSVILLE -- State police say a woman wiped a dirty diaper on the window of another woman's vehicle during a dispute in a traffic jam as both were leaving the Fayette County Fair.
I cant make shit up this good.
Is this like the new road rage??? You kill them with baby poop instead of bullets? Personally, I think baby poop should be considered a damn bio hazard/torture device/weapon of mass destruction. I have a 3 year old, I **know**. The day I didn't have to change a poop diaper/pull up was the happiest fuckin day of my LIFE.

So when they arrested her, and yes they did... exactly what charge do they use??? Personally, she should be charged with domestic terrorism for THAT...

Oh and this headline? I want to smack someone for. I disagree,

'Dora the Explorer' turns 10 ('diez') as model for pre-K girls

Dora the Explorer marks her 10th anniversary Sunday, but parents, teachers and pediatricians are the ones celebrating.
At a time when children's entertainment is dominated by princesses and fashion dolls, educators say Dora— which remains the top-rated preschool program on TV — has provided a rare, positive female role model for girls.

Ok. So I will tell you WHY I hate Dora. 
Someone gave Julia some Dora books. In one of them Dora is getting a MAIL TRUCK unstuck from the mud by putting stones under the tires and PUSHING IT. YES... a toddler push a f&%$ing mail truck!!! So guess who wants to push cars now? My kid, cause Dora does. I "lost" that book. {stab}

Don't get me started on the Wiggles. 

My final thought of the random evening:

This just in:: Ke$ha posed for a photo shoot in a garbage bag. And thought it was awesome... Proof that the bitch is white trash. I hate that the record industry gives untalented, computer enhanced people deals to make fake music that sucks so bad live that you wish you could spork yourself in the ears to stop the pain. BTW Mick Jagger is NOT hawt at the ripe age of 75 billion years old, Keeeesha. Get off the crack pipe and the Jack Daniels and you might SEE that. Stupid Bitch.

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