Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting my Inner Bitch on

I am still on vacation... but there are a few things I would like to get off my chest.

First, the foremost thing on my mind... When the HELL is the West End Circle makeover gonna be done?? For the love of GAWD. Put the switch plates, cabinet handles and socket covers ON and call the Realtor!! (house flipper reference) Jez. And what ever they did with that damn light coming from the Main St. Ramp? It is TOO LONG now. Fix it.

I took Julia to Erie at the beginning of my vacation to play in splash lagoon and then a beach on Presque Isle the next day. Two things stand out that annoyed me.

First: Signs. I don't know if it is an Erie thing or what, but all the damn signs were small or 27 feet from the road!! While Google Navigation is yelling at me to make a U turn, I can't see the hotel sign in the dark, pouring rain cause its HIDDEN behind the Shell Station at the curb. And the hotel is set WAY back off the road. This happened with Splash Lagoon too. I passed it, looking for a sign along the ROAD, not right up against the building.
It's not like that here. Signs are along the damn road.
For about 30 minutes at the beach I thought Erie would be a nice place to live. Then I remembered how f&%$ing cold it gets and how much snow they get and I changed my mind.

Shit... all that bitching and I forget what number 2 is.... must have been the snow. Snow definitely pisses me off. Well I reserve the right to revisit this should I ever remember what was.

Some Other things that piss me off

My car hates Sams Club gas, I swear I put the good stuff in right before I left to come home an I have some horrific gas mileage ratio for this current tank.

Local Radio: OMG PLEASE there are LOTS of other songs NOT by Katy {fake} Perry, Keeeesha {the skank} or John {the whiner} Mayer. Please play some of those songs. My non hate of radio lasted all of 3 months. I am sick of it. Also DVE can take some pointers from Erie's version of them (102.3 I think) and note how they play all kinds of classic and new rock with out sucking or killing me with the same Ozzy song billed as "new" for 8 months.

Those creepy "stink bugs" that are f&%$in invading my room. Whats the best way to get rid of them?? Please??

Now Things I Heart:
I heart Google Navigation. I would have never done that trip on my own w a kid without some GPS in the house. Especially in the dark. Pouring rain. In a city that hides signs. There was no epic fails, minor ones, but no epic ones because of my awesome droid inc.

Pandora Radio cause I can refuse to hear any of the previously mentioned crap above that I am sick to death of hearing.

And Finally,
I heart all my twitter (and some real life) friends. For totally being here for me and sticking with me through the ups and downs the last few months. I mean that. Without you guys and gals.... I can never say thank you enough.

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