Monday, August 18, 2008

Not a Rant... :-)

I took Julia to PPG plaza this afternoon to play in the awesome dancing fountains there. At first she was scared and wouldn't go near it. I coaxed her several times to splash. The suddenly a light bulb went on in her head... She had a blast, giggling, splashing, running thru the water, stepping on the water spouts, getting all wet....

After the 2:30 demonstration was over, she ran around the plaza hollering to hear her voice echo, ran off with a nice lady's small bag of chips and ate them. (I offered the nice lady money for the chips but she refused) She rode on the bus really good, was mostly well-behaved and as a result, we had a lovely, exhausting day. :-) What a great way to spend my day off.

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  1. I have tried to take Alexis to that fountain COUNTLESS times and it is NEVER on. NEVER. I have a magical ability to go there only when they are servicing it. URGH!