Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stupid Hall of Fame

Stupid Hall of Fame is supposed to amuse. Today it makes me very mad. So, i rant...

There is an Article in the Tribune Review about a terrible fire that ruined 2 businesses and left 6 people with nothing just up the strett from where I live. Here is the line that pisses me off.

A woman living there was frying a chicken, he said. She fled the apartment and
did not call the fire department, Lewis said.

Here is a video so you can see the damage that Stupid has done.

A fire started while cooking and She RAN AWAY??!! Are you kidding? Hell YES she should be charged. What if someone DIED in that fire??!! HUH? How damn hard is it to call 911!? There is a freaking 24 hour CoGo's across the street, she could have ran over there and had them call the fire department. Even better, the fire department is a Freaking BLOCK away!!!

How would she face the families if her STUPID had killed someone? She- who ever she is- is a waste of space and air on this earth. That's soley my opinion. 6 people with no home. 2 businesses ruined.

This is just further proof that humanity is living above the rules of nature now. Survival of the fittest no longer applies to us.

I hate this kind of stupid.

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