Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things that Piss me off: Good Samaritan Hackers

I will start this edition of Things that piss me off, with a rant about people who forgot they scheduled their bills to be paid at all, or scheduled the payment 2 times.

Good Samaritan Hackers Don't Exist!!

I mean it. They. Don't. Exist. Who hacks into someone's bank account and pays their damn bills? WHO!? Why do customers call and insist "I didn't pay my bill, someone else must have..." I want to say so bad.. "Listen! If someone is gonna get in to your bank account, *why* on earth would they pay your bills for you? How the hell would they know how much your damn bills are?"


The bank did not do it either. We. Can't! Why would we pay your bills and how would we know the right amounts? Think about it for goodness sake!! It is not a conspiracy to get overdraft fees out of you.. We don't have that kind of time on our hands, to sit and think of way to pick on you in particular.

You can't convince me this is a bank error and your not getting your fees back. Being stupid is expensive sometimes. That is the only way you learn to read the screen, since it showed you that you already paid the damn bills once.

When we have a record of you calling in to ask for help on how to pay a bill, don't call a month later complaining that your $1400 loan is paid off. First: It took you a WHOLE MONTH to notice $1400 was missing from your account? Must be nice... Of course being that unobservant could be why you owed $1400 on your overdraft line in the first place! Second: You called in for a payoff! Who else would call in to pay your loan? Tell me! The bank would not do that cause we are losing money if your loan is paid off.


I think that maybe you need to drink a little less. Stop calling at 3am for loan payoffs. Quit being a moron.

The moral? Hackers don't break in to your checking accounts to do you favors and pay your bills.
End of story.

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