Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your F&%$ing Kidding me, Right??

This is the headline.
(bp and their bullshit inspires uncensored F bombs)

Feds say Gulf seepage not from BP cap 'Not unlike an oil leak you might have in your car,' Allen says

SRSLY?? What the HELL!? How much oil is freaking leaking??? Don't you normally FIX your car's oil leak? Gawd I wish my car ran on something other than oil and gas right now. Apparently oil just leaks all over the damn ocean and nobody gives a shit.
There are two wells within two miles of BP's blowout off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico. One has been abandoned and another is not in production. Around 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf aren't checked for leaks, an Associated Press investigation showed this month.
Here is the best Dumbass quote so far:
"Everything's looking good," Wells [BP VP] said. "The relief well is exactly where we want it. It's pointed in the right direction, and so we're feeling good about that."
Really?? Aren't you assholes the one drilling the damn thing?? Did you close your eyes and slam it in the ocean floor and fucking HOPE it was POINTED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION???  Do you NOT know exactly WHERE the broken fuckin well is? I mean COME ON already.
At a hearing in suburban New Orleans, one of the ill-fated rig's drilling supervisors told Coast Guard investigators that the rig's crew didn't stop drilling or properly notify regulators when a hydraulic leak was discovered in a critical safety device weeks before the blast. Well site leader Ronald Sepulvado testified that he and others aboard the rig believed the leak wouldn't prevent the device, called a blowout preventer, from functioning properly.
I hate BP, and Transocean. I can't believe they thought it was CHEAPER to ignore safeguards and rules. Was it really cheaper BP?? Was it all really worth it now?

You morons.

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