Tuesday, March 17, 2009

100 Posts Today!!! WOOO!!

And this bitch is back... Sort of. :-)

My PC still isn't done. I have had a couple technical mistakes that I fixed, but it took time to realize and fix, on top of only being able to work on it at 1130 at night... it has taken (and still will take a couple more) days before I have everything fully functioning on the new hard drive.

On the upside... I have new lights in the fixture above my desk at work. I seriously almost walked by my seat this morning cause it was so bright- it is the bat cave no more!!!

To celebrate 100 posts and a 6th Rant follower that I cant see yet (I'm at work..lol) I am just going to make fun of the news. As if you expected anything else. These will be my headline titles. Not theirs.

Proof from Reuters that Skynet is not so far fetched:
Terminator SuperModel: At Your Service (not nearly as hot as Summer Glau though... you have to admit it even if your a girl.)

The sleek HRP-4C runs on battery-powered motors located in her body and face, allowing the expressions, gait and poses of a supermodel, but on a stormtrooper-like silver and black frame.

Japan, home to almost half of the world's 800,000 industrial robots, expects a $10 billion industry in the future, particularly as helpers for its growing elderly population.
But designers of the posing humanoid says she is wired just for entertaining, not housework.

For all those keeping score-- We need to send Sarah and John Connor an Cameron to Japan. Like now, before these robots start killing the Human Supermodels. Diva Skynet is coming! I mean it. SRSLY. And also... Exactly what *kind* of entertaining are they referring too?

The Winner of the Worst Dad of the Week Award goes to:

Moron at the wheel.

Police said a 27-year-old man was arrested on Saturday after he was found passed out in his vehicle in a restaurant drive-through. Police said they found the man behind the wheel with his 4-year-old daughter in the running car.

Authorities said the man was arrested on a charge of failure to be in control of the vehicle. He also faces a charge of driving under suspension. His court appearance is set for April 6.

Passed out from what? Who knows... But he already didn't have a license. Someone take that kid off him. Apparently these people in North Dakota like to be different. They call it "charges of actual physical control with a minor present, a Class A misdemeanor." What ever. Its Drunk (sorta) Driving everywhere else.
Read more here: Idiot in Motion
His name? Chance Standing Crow. Is that like Dances with Wolves? Wtf? Where is Kevin Costner? SRSLY.

Don't You EVER Say Americans are Violent

An Iraqi soccer fan shot dead a player of the opposing team as he tried to score an equalizing goal in the final minutes of a match, police said on Monday.
What is it about European Soccer (futball or whatever the hell they call it) that brings out the CRAZIES in these people!? Maybe they need to play some GTA, Resident Evil, Doom or some other violent video game to burn off some anger. Jez. As far as I know, nobody ever tried to shoot Payton Manning as he was throwing Touchdown. Someone needs some anger management classes.... I know some of you have *wanted* to kill a player or too(Tom Brady). LOL

And from South Dakota:

Don't F*&% with the Old Guy.

Truly this guy was an idiot. At least he was smart enough to surrender.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Police said a 71-year-old man, armed only with an ice scraper, frustrated a 20-year-old would-be robber who approached him with a knife. Police said the man was scraping ice off his car Friday when the 20-year-old pulled out a knife and demanded money.

Police Sgt. Pete Ragnone said the man used his ice scraper to fend off the attacker — who then ran to his girlfriend's home nearby.

That's when a fight broke out between the 20-year-old and his girlfriend.

The would-be attacker surrendered to police and faces charges of attempted first-degree robbery and aggravated assault-domestic violence.


I can't leave out MSNBC. So, I will wrap up with Worst Mom of the Week from them:

And this is how we feed mommy's crack habit

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - Police say a woman who gave birth at a Massachusetts hospital tried to leave the maternity ward with more than just a newborn.
Framingham police say Jennifer Morris stole another new mother's purse containing a cell phone and digital camera that she sold to get money for crack cocaine.
Actually, the correction here is that she DID leave the maternity ward with more than just a newborn. Because they haven't gotten the camera or phone back. DUH. But she was busted by video security and is in jail. Dumb ass.

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