Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grumbling.... and Moving

I would love to blog about the idiot who called 911 3 times over McDonalds running out of McNuggets, or how pissed I am at the the fact that hackers discovered that Visa/MasterCard payment processors are easy targets to steal our card numbers. (MSNBC Of course)
Or even about the movie scene like drama at the Potomac Trolley stop yesterday where cops and criminals were battling it out on the trolley tracks.
I would love to talk about The Pens actually possibly making the playoffs.

But I don't have time. The geniuses at work decided to rearrange our department and 90% of us are moving our seats over today, and tomorrow. I have to pack up 5 years worth of crap from my desk and move it 3 rows over. To a dark cube, along the damn walkway. ggrrrr. I probably wont be settled in till Friday.

So I'll be scarce for the next few days. :-)

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  1. I know what you mean, it took me 3 hours to move my stuff. Guess I should have packed it up first. Did not know I could accumulate so much in 6 months. Now I am so far away from my help that a call takes me an extra 10 minutes just to walk to someone to get an answer.