Friday, March 20, 2009

WTF is wrong with people?

OK... In today's ridiculous news I find these gems:

NJ considers ban on bare-it-all 'Brazilian' wax

I am not even gonna comment on it. It's crazy.

Man loses tooth as bowlers brawl over etiquette

Two groups got into a fist fight about 12:40 a.m. Thursday after two bowlers approached the lane at the same time. They couldn't agree which should go first.

Really? Are you serious? If this is a fight that should have been settled by flipping a damn coin then its time to PUT DOWN THE BEER. Morons.

Then there is REAL news like this that makes me want to throw up. SRSLY.

Upper St. Clair schools sued in rape case
The boy pleaded guilty last year in juvenile court to charges related to sexual assaults at the school. Details of the proceedings are unknown, however, because the case is sealed due to his age.

The boy had been suspended previously for pushing female students against lockers and assaulting them, the lawsuit states.

Read the story. To sum it up. 1 boy assaulted. Over and over... And there were a total of 6, yes, 6 I said- rapes from 9/2007 to 2/2008. 6 girls. Assaulted, beat up, held at knife point, and then-THEN- They had to continue attending school with him.
The article states that only after the 6th report did the school finally file police reports and remove the student from school. Just a reminder- The FIRST girl was punched in the head and knocked unconscious after being dragged out of the school and violated.
The lawsuit, filed last night in U.S. District Court, Downtown, accuses the defendants of failing to protect the victims and other female students despite reports of other attacks by the same boy.
Do you blame them for sueing? I don't. I can even begin to understand the emotional and physical trauma of having that happen, report it and then have 5 months go by while NOTHING was done and you have to go to SCHOOL everyday with your attacker.

oh this pisses me off to no end.

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  1. I agree with you. I'm not a fan of silly lawsuits, but this one definitely IS NOT silly. I'd sue the pants off Upper St. Clair, too!!!