Saturday, March 28, 2009

Writing, Writing and more Writing

I know there has been a delay in my posts here. Sorry about that. I am currently engrossed in polishing up my 1 and only fully completed story. "Darkened Memories" placing my copyright and turning the whole thing in to a pdf.

I called it a short story. But when I sat down an figured out the numbers, it turns out the 3500-4000 words per chapter times 18 chapters it actually a novel. I was informed by a few people that I should accept that I really did write a book. Not just a short story. I am impressed with me, seriously.

I am also surprised at the number of people interested in reading it. 3 facebook friends and 3 work friends want to see it without me even telling them the title. Thanks for giving my ego a little boost. :-)

To satisfy my 25 person fan base here (you all know who you are :-)....) I'll make fun of dumb criminals in the next post.

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