Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is NOT a Curse-Free zone

First, Welcome Brainlint as my 6th new Rant Follower (cult)!!! Ok, I have Brainlint and Mindbling.... Maybe I should change my name to fit the friend theme... how about Soul Dustbunnies? LOL

Second, Pc still not done. But significant progress has been made. :-)

I saw this on MSNBC...

Recession F-bombs: Why swearing feels great

A 2006 survey conducted by Associated Press/Ipsos found that 74 percent of Americans acknowledged they encountered profanity in public frequently or occasionally and 66 percent agreed that, as a rule, people curse more today than 20 years ago.

While not everyone swears, field studies indicate that those who do utter 80 to 90 taboo words per day, out of an average of 15,000 to 16,000 words we speak daily.

While swearing has many uses, two-thirds of swearing is linked to anger and frustration, says Timothy Jay, professor of psychology at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, and author of a just-released survey of the “Utility and Ubiquity of Taboo Words.”

That's 2006... I wonder what 2008 survey would look like....
I curse. Alot. Don't be shocked. I have cleaned up my act quite a bit since high school.(used to curse more than a sailor-not my all my fault i was used to hearing it) But I will swear to you that dropping a curse word does feel better. When I have to repeat myself for the 10th time to the idiot on the phone to click the Next Button. I am going to curse. If (read:when) I fall down- I will curse. If I screw up something, I will curse. It's curse or hit something. I think swearing will cause me less injury. Sometimes, when I'm happy I curse. So, yeah Bitches, this is NOT a Curse Free Zone.

Yes, we’re a nation of potty mouths. But in stressful times, does our penchant for profanity actually help us or does it make us feel worse?
At least we aren't shooting pro sports players for doing their job. Maybe those people in Iraq should swear while they are playing GTA...

“If you can’t get through one paragraph without swearing, then you need to get a dictionary and starting expanding your vocabulary,” she says. “It might also be a red flag that you have some anger issues that you need to get a grip on.”
I guess I better get out the damn dictonary, thesauras and anything else cause damnit, I f*&%ing swear. Shit....


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