Monday, March 23, 2009

This day just gets better and BETTER

What is this? My 3rd post of the day? I can't help it when I see shit like this:

The Winners of this Month's NFL Whiner Award goes to:

Baltimore Ravens

Here is the story from Wpxi, with my headline of course:

Sore Losers whine to the NFL about night games.

The gist of this story is that they play better when the sun is up. Apparently Steeler fans only cheer loud at night and that is UNFAIR.

This guy at the Baltimore Sun is a moron too!

Oh could you SEE the Baltimore Headlines if this was the other way around? We cheer louder because Every REAL Steeler Fan knows they are the original Cleveland Browns that we used to hate. Not the Browns we pity now.
We HATE Baltimore. Period.
Oh FYI you idiots: We can bring out former players when its light out too. They aren't vampires. I am sorry your pitiful team can't play if your opponent is cheering for the home team. That says alot about your players and their commitment to their team and fans over there in LOSER Town.

We will be extra loud when you play here again. I promise.

F*&%ing Whiners.

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