Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love This Church!

So, the title for this weeks sermon:

This inspired me to ask:

Ok... So, someone tell me, when is it? When does Jesus get pms and be all like "F you! I don't care!" I might have to attend this to find out. This seems like it would be really important information to have, right? I don't want to bother Jesus when he is in a don't care kind of mood, ya know. I don't want to be praying for something and its when he is in a bitchy ass moment and saw, "You know what, "I don't care if your in a burning house and your praying to get out"

And really... Is it like "No, I don't care about you praying for those stupid prada shoes" or is it "damn it, I am tired of you praying about everything under the sun! I don't CARE!"

Do you think he is like "oh Angie? No, i don't care if she makes fun of a church." (she is going to hell anyway)
I really want to know. Thoughts anyone?

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