Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Public Service Announcment

Every couple months I try to do what I call a public service announcement. Its a friendly and hopefully informative reminder to those online that what you see is not always what you get.

From MSNBC Red Tape Chronicles:
Red Tape: Why phishers love Facebook

Didn’t you know? Facebook is forever
‘Forgot your password?’ may be weakest linkFacebook ID theft targets 'friends'

And jez, From "Sometimes you should put the damn phone DOWN" files:

Holy Twitter! Tweeting from the pews

From Pc World:Facebook Updates: What Kind Do You Write?

These articles are some of the reasons why I don't do quizzes, "500 things about me you wish you still didn't know" notes or add just ANY application sent to me by another user. I am an equal opportunity ignorer (yes, I made that word up). I don't care about who the sender is at all. I promise. :-) I never did live journal or blog about deeply personal matters. I just like to keep some things... private.

I am online. I have been for years with various pages going back to Lycos and Tripod (remember them? then your old too hahaha). However, unlike some people out there, I don't reveal *every* single thing about my life. I don't find it that important to post a facebook status saying "I have to pee." "I have cramps" or other nonsense like this. (you know who you are Miss T.M.I.) I will unfollow you on twitter if there is nothing interesting said other than something like: "woke up. went to work" all the time. Don't be offended. I am trying to keep my twitter flow uncluttered.

I try to make posting worth while or interesting on facebook, twitter or this blog. I'm satisfied that maybe 30 people read my blog cause this is all for fun. And this is my place to say all the shit I want when I need to rant. So, if this post helps just 1 reader not fall victim to these dirtbags, then it is worth it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled ranting.

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