Friday, June 12, 2009

An open letter to idiots: Customer service edition

Dear Caller

Do me a HUGE favor? Please. When you are calling about a problem on your account- Actually have your account information. Things like ACCOUNT NUMBERS are very helpful. Also, KNOWING something about your account is helpful too. When you call, please don't be driving in the car, in the bathroom, dodging your boss, or a place you consider too public to answer my verification questions. Also, switchboard operators? Wait to call until your lunch, for goodness sake. Being put on hold 25 times in under a minute (in the words of burghbaby) makes me wanna spork you. If I wanted your user id, I would not have said Account number. If I wanted a withdrawal, I would not have said Deposit. So, please listen to the words coming out of my mouth. Damn it. Thank you.

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