Friday, June 26, 2009

What I Love about Julia

I am sure to all the parents out there, I am not telling you things you haven't heard before. But Julia is my one and only and I am always in awe that I had a hand in creating this little girl. So, this is not a rant.

What I love about Julia is her imagination. The kid has no rules. Anything and be anything in her world and I find that so awesome. In her 2 1/2 year old mind there are no limits.

My favorite?

2 pennies apparently have a job and a car:

Yes, that is "monies car" and they indeed get in the car and "go work" Sometimes nickels and dimes get in on the action too. Its a hot car! lol

Foam bathtub letters and bath "craynons" have become birthday candles or snacks. Blocks have been drinks that she passes out to everyone in the room. Sweeper attachments are microphones that she sings into. Colored pencils are "cho-cho trains" My old compact is a phone.... I could go on... My point is that she absolutely doesn't let the object's actual form mean anything to her when it comes to pretend play. And I just think it is awesome.

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