Monday, May 18, 2009

F&%$ing Weather

Dear Weather,

Listen here bitch, your pissing me off. LOOK at the calendar dammit, it's MAY 17th. Yeah. Well past the time your allowed frost now. I spent a couple hours in and out of the rain on Saturday, chasing the kid, replanting the flowers (I *just* bought) into pots and at least 45 minutes arranging my approx 20 pots. My OCD and I severely dislike that I had to undo all my perfect arranging to move all the flowers into a cluster so that I could cover them up with a sheet. Why? Because in the middle of F&%$ing MAY, its gonna go down into the 30's and FROST. WTF? I am sick of winter. I am sick of my furnace being on. I am sick of COLD, you bastard. So, get your shit together and KNOCK IT OFF. Tomorrow, I will have to spend another 45 minutes redoing all my hard work and I better not have to do that again until f&%$ing October. You hear me? Are we clear?

Good. Don't let it happen again.


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