Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stanely Cup Finals (and other bitching)

Here we go. Detroit and Pittsburgh go at it again. I want a CUP damn IT!

Pens Sweep Carolina

Honestly, I was not surprised that we swept Carolina. When we reached 5,6 and 7 goals in a game, I knew Pens were in a ZONE. We faced super hard and major rivals in Philly and Washington. Now we face our 3rd biggest rival these days: Detroit. I think we are a better team than last year. I think that we can we win it in 6 games.

A rant:
I have serious issues with Mr My Teeth Are A White Beacon. You always root for the hometown when it is sports. Especially Pittsburgh sports. The ONLY exception is the Damn Pirates cause they live in the world of SUCK. Apparently, I am not the only one who is pissed.

He grew up here, he coached here, he won a Superbowl here, he was talked up as being a huge Pens fan. But suddenly he is "Raleigh's Own"?? Oh Carolina, you forgot to mention what City he coached to a Superbowl. That's right... the same city that beat your ASS in 4 games.

PITTSBURGH. Don't you f&%$ing forget it.

Here is what other new outlets are sayin:
USA Today:
Pittsburgh fans angry Bill Cowher supported Hurricanes over Penguins

Cowher sounds the siren for his Hurricanes (the death siren, that is)

Cranking the Hurricanes' warning siren with his right hand and grasping a white Carolina rally towel with his left hand — sans his Super Bowl XL ring — Bill Cowher no longer bleeds black and gold.

Cowher did admit that he would jump on the Penguins' bandwagon if the Hurricanes were eliminated.
"I'll take this white (Carolina rally towel) and replace it with a gold one," he said. "Absolutely. I'm an Eastern Conference guy. Whichever of these teams comes out, I'll be pulling for them.

That second quote was after it became apparent that we were stomping on Carolina. And while I am at it, I am so f&%$ing sick of every city having a "rally towel" or some other bullshit to copy PITTSBURGH. Your all losers.
Let's give Bill a f&%$ing Detroit crying towel or whatever the hell they have so that they will lose too. I don't want him cheering for us. Only real Pittsburgh fans are allowed here.

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