Friday, May 1, 2009

Your government- Hard at work NOT

Hey there... look a story from MSNBC and I am posting about it... Srsly, when are they gonna start paying me?

Lawmaker compares BCS to communism

Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas said Friday that efforts to tinker with the BCS are bound to fail. He told a House hearing that the BCS is like communism and can’t be fixed.

Barton has introduced legislation that would prevent the NCAA from labeling a game a national championship unless it’s the outcome of a playoff system.

THIS is what he is doing? We got a shitty economy, Chrylser is going bankrupt, Pig flu is everywhere, and credit card companies are on the verge of creating another money crisis, and HE is worried about college football? Are you kidding? Your going to try and pass a law about what games are called at the college level?

Please feel free to not elaborate about the college system, I know it is a mess. A LAW is not the answer.

Lets break this down then Mr Lawmaker since you apparently have NOTHING better to do. The team the wins the Superbowl calls themselves World Champions, but NOBODY else in the world plays. Are gonna pass a law against the NFL for that? The correct term would be National Champions. (but really, it doesn't sound as good does it?)

Baseball has a World Series, but again nobody else in the world plays. Are you gonna pass a law against the MLB to change it? Should it be the National Series?

At least Racing and the NHL call their winners "Cup" Winners. Although, they might not be safe either...

Ok back to not working Mr lawmaker. I hope Texas is proud of your work on correcting such a damaging and horrific problem of the NCAA having a BCS National Championship Game.

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