Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

I just want to say I was totally stoked to watch the Capitals give up last night. I never imagined we would score 6 points in such a decisive fashion. There were power play goals, even strength goals, breakaway goals, even one that stuck in the net that nobody saw at first. So, yeah... AWESOME

We have played 2 of our biggest rivals in this conference and WON. Take that Flyers! Take that Capitals! I rather enjoyed the nostalgia of slamming the Caps out of the Cup finals. 9 times we have faced them and 8 times we have sent them home crying....

Maybe later I will go find some storied of the Capitals crying and make fun of them here.... stay tuned.

My charity bowling event is tomorrow night for work, and while I have raised exactly $0 online, I have I have sold some gas raffle tickets and I have $45 of my $50 goal at this point. So, thank you to Amy, Julie, Cathy, Chris and Mark for helping to make my hilariously bad bowling possible tomorrow evening at princess lanes. It benefits a good program to help kids excel. :-)

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