Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Apple, F&%$ You!! *updated*

** Update** THANK YOU to my Twitter follower: Shadow. With his tip, I will be able to complete the mission after work. I still hate itunes, just a little less now. :-)***

I will never ever ever buy a f&%$ing iPod. Never. iTunes is the worst f&%$ing music manager I have seen in a long time.

The Mission:
Narrow 77 genres on over 12000 songs to a mere 15.
Transfer all updated music to iPod

Sounds simple enough, right? Fuck. No.

Current Mission status: Complete F&%$ing Failure

See, I am used to Creative Labs Music software. You can right click and select a large group of songs and edit things like...Genre. In iTunes you have to hold the control key and click. And click. And click. This is 12000 songs I am talking about. Now to make it worse... I did not know that you couldn't do that in iTunes. When I tried to do it... It UNCHECKED ALL 12000+ god damned songs! Son of a bitch!
Currently I have a setting that says to sync all items turned on until I can recheck all 12000 mother f&%$ing songs. Who knows how long *that* is going to take. Meanwhile, I am using my creative software to assist me in going folder by folder to edit the music in the external hard drive. Since changing in on the ipod is damn impossible.

So, Fuck you Apple. And Fuck you iTunes. I will never buy your shit. I don't care how cool it is.

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