Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Laptop Miracle Story

As you may or may not know, my dad gave me a gently used laptop a few months ago. (yay me) My old one was... Old. Slow. And the screen was dying, The new (to me) laptop is as fast as my desktop and nicer. My dad fixed the Internet card in it. He said the only thing I needed to buy was a battery. The one in the battery was dead. Like paperweight dead. It would not charge, ever.

This is no big deal. The battery life on the old laptop was so bad, I dragged the power cord around with me anyway. I was used to it. So, I intended on buying a new battery with my income tax. I didn't plan on my washer breaking... So, no battery for me. I'll wait. Since I know the battery is a rock (yes, I tested it myself. It would not take a charge and I took the battery out a couple times. Trust me, it was *dead*), I only plug the laptop in when I am actually using it.

Two days ago, I turned on to download windows updates. When I was done, I turned it off, closed the lid, pulled the plug and went to bed. This morning while i was getting ready for work, I noticed the standby light blinking. "HMMM?" I actually picked up the computer twice to be sure it was *not* plugged in. When I turned it on I discovered that the battery had an 85%charge. It had been in standby for 2 days cause i closed the lid too soon,

That's right 85%. The brick is suddenly no longer a brick.... I am shocked. It has 100% charge now. The laptop is now under it's own power. It's a damn miracle. I have never heard of a laptop battery coming back to life and yet this one has.

Here is proof of life. its a little blurry cause cell phones don't take good pic's of PC screens:

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  1. I wish that would happen to me!
    Im using my BF's old laptop and if I unplug it I have a battery life of anywhere from 45 to 10 min!