Friday, January 2, 2009

Amusingly Stupid....

The news. I can always find some good stuff. Some homegrown... some not. I can't make this stuff up!
Under the heading Amusingly Stupid... We have this:

Hmmm. I am just gonna quote this for your amusement:

...He became angry with a McDonald's drive through attendant, claiming he was shorted $5 in change.
...The store manager pulled the register, determining Moye had not been shorted money.
...Police said the man got out of his car and began threatening the attendant and the manager, punching 
the window twice and spitting at the building.
...Moye told troopers that he did become agitated but denied spitting or punching the window.

However, the incident was caught on surveillance video
The Moral? Video surveillance is everywhere. And maybe learn to count your change before assaulting building....

And this makes me wonder as well

Umm... Why is this a debate. Rudolph has always been protrayed as a male in everything I can remember. A quote:

Veterinary professor Dr. Alice Blue-McLendon says Santa's reindeers were most likely female.

It turns out real reindeer grow antlers regardless of gender.

Blue-McLendon also wonders whether a boy reindeer really sport a shiny red nose that almost glows.

She said females like accessories -- shiny stuff.
You know what? Thanks for setting my gender back. And the last time I checked the story, Rudolph didn't ask for the damn shiny nose. 
For the record.... in the animal kingdom it is not uncommon for the male to be the one with all the "shiny stuff" trying to attract females. Moron.

The moral? Who cares if Rudolph is a boy or girl and quit wasting Texas A&M students tuition money on something so dumb.

And for my finale:

It may be time to call off the dogs. Police said an upstate New York county's 911 system has led them to arrest three teens accused of vandalism.

Officials said three teens were trying to steal auto parts from parked vehicles when one of them unknowingly hit the emergency button on his cell phone.

The phone dialed 911, and police said emergency call dispatchers heard the three discussing the vandalism in progress. 
A 911 operator used the phone's GPS signal to guide arresting officers to their locations.

The moral? When your stealing shit... learn to lock your keys on your phone dumbass.

Thats a wrap!

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