Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pissed off....

See this? This right here? This is me pissed off. Exceptionally Pissed off. Pissed off like this usually comes about once a month. That's just how it is. Feel free to skip this post.

Reasons why I am pissed off:

Pissed off cause its snowing again.

Pissed off cause its under 35 degrees.

Pissed off because its clear that if I don't set an alarm on my phone, I could very well spend the whole night sleeping next to my kid on the fluffy rug in her room. Unfortunately, she likes me to lay with her and I have to pretend to be sleeping which usually leads to real sleep. Damn it. That leads to:

Pissed off because I didn't wake up til 1am last night and I had a work project that did not get done because then Julia heard me leaving her room and 20 min later I was putting her to sleep on the damn the sofa since she wont stay in her damn bed. Again, contributing to preventing me from doing any work.

Pissed off because I have to hear for days about everyones problems and when I need to vent about mine, everyone is too busy.

Pissed off because apparently I am not allowed to have pissed off days. I am supposed to be happy and sunshine all the f*&$ing time. Well, I'm NOT.

Pissed off because I have a headache and apparently Advil is like candy in my house. So there is never ANY. So, if I suffer. Everyone else does too.

Pissed off because the morons I talked to on the phone are just that-- Morons. If breathing was a voluntary action, these people would have failed to do so, a long, long time ago.

My advice? Don't piss me off any further, I am likely to kick someones ass.

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