Monday, January 26, 2009

OH For Goodness sake!

Here we go again!! I swear Greensburg Police and the Southmoreland School District must be BORED to death!!

Southmoreland High students' cell phone images probed

Numerous Southmoreland High School students are under investigation by state police in Greensburg for sending inappropriate messages via cell phone.

The investigation concerns a new trend among young people commonly known as "sexting" -- using cell phones to send sexual messages or images.

Students are under investigation regarding inappropriate images of an underage girl that were sent to students' cell phones since April 2008. It is unclear how the images were discovered or how many students are involved.

Southmoreland School District turned over the investigation to the state police and refused to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed.

Is there NO crime in Greensburg?? None at all?

According to, there is a ton of stealing going on. So, I guess that is too boring. They needed to find some shit that was more interesting... How about some kid's being dumb asses?? Yeah, that's it!!! YAY!


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