Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation? and other random stuff

Ok, So, I needed a break. Between my birthday, Christmas, new years and a 23 month old who suddenly refuses to sleep in her room the whole night... (this includes not going to sleep before 11pm) I have just been way to tired. Not enough time....  In any case, updates/posts will begin again not that the holiday madness is 1 less thing I have to stress about.

My current worry is that some of my family has asked me why i didn't take Terrorist to see Santa Claus this year. I sorta didn't last year either. (A brother in law dressed up for us and Terrorist was barely a year and she didn't care.) Julia tends to not go near strange men. She will cry. If she doesn't see my dad for a while... she won't go near him. So, I just couldn't bring myself to stand in a line I *knew* she wouldn't wait in, only to have her refuse to go near him. Someone get me Mrs. Claus please? 

I know my kid. She stays up till 11pm. She has a TON of energy. Standing still is not possible for more than 15 seconds for her. There are some battles I just don't want to fight cause they aren't worth it.  So, does it make me a bad mom that I don't have a picture of my almost 2 year old (most likely sobbing, with me drinking in the corner from guilt) on Santa's lap yet? Is it unreasonable to want to wait until next year when she is almost 3 and can understand better? I don't think so...



  1. I have exactly one photo of Alexis with Santa, and that was when she was 11-months old and not yet wise enough to have figured out that Santa is a crazy freak. She won't get within 20 feet of him now cause she's SMART.

    As is your kid.

    The end.

  2. It takes us a full month to work Maisie up to sitting with Santa to get our annual ornament. She too is weary of strange men and I intend to keep it that way til she's in her 20s