Monday, January 12, 2009

Dumb Questions *updated*

I feel bad for the Penguins. I really do. They are struggling so bad. I think that they need a team building event. Something to bond them. I am talking stuck in a 2 room shack with 12 inches of snow where you have to get along or everyone is gonna die, type of Something... (LOL) but these kinds of stupid questions are NOT what they need:

From the PG: Therrien still feels secure despite 7th loss in past 8 games
Penguins coach Michel Therrien has watched his team lose seven of its past eight games and tumble to 10th in the Eastern Conference standings.

He knows as well as anyone that something has to change -- dramatically and quickly -- if the Penguins are to salvage their season.

But, when asked in the wake of the Penguins' 5-3 loss to Colorado at the Pepsi Center yesterday if he felt his job security is an issue, Therrien made it clear that he doesn't believe it is. Or should be.

"No," he said. "Why? I'm not worried about that."

No coach has complete control over his fate, of course, but general manager Ray Shero repeatedly has said that replacing Therrien is not on his radar.

UM. HELLO!!! The last thing the players need is to worry their head coach is going to get fired because they can't get their act together. And also... do you really want your head coach to be all "Yeah, I think I'm getting canned after this season. Sorry, I am a shitty coach guys."

WTF? NO, you don't!

I don't want my NHL head coach to be some sissy boy panzy worried about himself more than his team! Therrien is NOT a sissy boy panzy. He will call out a player. The problem is we are playing so poorly he has to call out almost the whole damn team right now. And a Team problem it is... make no mistake. A coach can't go out there and play for them. These losses are not all his fault.

So Reporters, quit asking stupid questions.

Fans, Stop emailing the same stupid questions.

Penguins (Like any of them read this stupid little blog of mine right?), sit down, take a deep breath, forget the season so far and start playing like the talented pros that you are.

P.S. See, I'm not *totally* crazy about the team bonding thing... Dave Molinari Agrees with me. A little anyway:

Q: I think everyone would agree that the Penguins are missing something, whether it's chemistry, grit or lack of production from some guys who are counted on for production. My question is, do you think not being able to attend their boot camp at West Point has been a factor in their lack of chemistry or grit this season? I think going through that allowed them to get comfortable and rely on each other in tough times.

Brian Finnigan, Boardman, Ohio

MOLINARI: Not spending a few days at the U.S. Military Academy had zero impact on the Penguins' grit -- it not as if, say, Miroslav Satan would have been transformed into a win-or-die-trying warrior if he'd been able to put in a few quality hours on the obstacle course -- but there's no question the team-building time they spent there in 2006 and 2007 contributed to exceptional camaraderie the Penguins had.

Even so, a visit to West Point does not come with a guarantee of success. If it did, 30 teams would be booking a trip there every autumn.

Oh and Marty from Windber, PA... Since Dave couldn't say it, so I will: Your a MORON. Nobody wants an ASS like Avery. Come on, the NHL suspended him! How often does the NHL suspend players? SRSLY!!!! Dumb ass.

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