Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random and less bitchy :-)

I am much better today. :-) The rage has passed for the moment... lol.

I am stoked that the Pen's came out and Beat the Ranger's asses!! Way to go guys!
I managed to make it to work with out killing my self. This is an accomplishment. Anyone who knows me, know I fall down. ALOT.
I am also stoked to see the lovely, talented, Hilarious as all hell Pitt Girl posting for a limited time over at If you don't find her funny... your retarded.

Road Crews Working To Clear Pittsburgh Streets
Yeah, you guys suck. My road still looks like shit and its a pretty busy street. Epic Fail.

I won't mention how stupid this was:
Police: Latrobe Teen Put M-80 Between Thighs To Muffle Explosion

I'll leave you with this:
Phoenix Mayor Blows Nose In 'Terrible Towel' Then Apologizes

Wow. these dumb asses never learn. Ask Tennessee, Dallas, Cincinnati about dissing the towel. It brings the Curse of Cope.

I'm gonna try to enjoy my day off. Hopefully my kid doesn't have her terrorist mode on

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